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Three ways to recovery back child support or alimony payments


Three ways to recovery back child support or alimony payments

Capital Investigations has conducted many child support payment and alimony investigations over the past number of years and variably all of the cases start with the same narrative. Clients express frustration and outrage at their ex-spouse because they claim that they can’t pay child support or alimony due to the fact they don’t have the funds or not employed. The client usually has anecdotal evidence or evidence that would support the contrary. In New Jersey there are a variety ways to enforce the payment of child support. As private investigators we assume that our client’s suspicions are true and it is our job to provide evidence to document their suspicions.

The three most popular searches to identify and document funds or income for child support or alimony payments:

Employment Search– An employment searches are conducted a number of ways, employment can be confirmed through access of proprietary credit and financial databases or through surveillance. If the ex-spouse works as a 1099 it might be needed to incorporate both methods to obtain the results you require for court.

Bank and Brokerage Account Searches– If an ex-spouse is in arrears of child support in New Jersey the parent can perform a bank or brokerage search to identify undisclosed or hidden accounts. If you are able to identify accounts in the ex-spouse’s name or social security number you can petition the court to levy the account and turn the funds to you. Bank or brokerage account searches can be performed on a state or nationwide basis.

Surveillance– I an ex-spouse is self-employed or works in the trades payments are usually more sporadic or sometimes “under the table” making it difficult to document. Following an ex-spouse and documenting the job(s) they are performing on a daily basis can provide evidence of an income or a level of income.

Each child support or alimony payment investigations is unique and require different strategies. If you or you know someone that is owed child support or alimony and would like more information how they can get proof, call Capital Investigations (862) 437-1064 or admin@capinvestigations.net

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