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Do you suspect a spouse of cheating? Are you in the midst of a custody battle and suspect your ex of misconduct? Are you worried your child has become involved in drug and alcohol use or other criminal activities? The only way to truly find out is to put a Private Investigator on the case. Our PI’s will conduct surveillance of a person or location and provide you with the hard evidence you need.

Capital Investigations conducts extensive Surveillance – Based Investigations. Making use of the latest in technology as well as in-person surveillance techniques, we are trained and equipped to handle the most sensitive of cases.


Investigative Tools and Techniques

In-Person Surveillance

The oldest, most reliable, and most adaptable of all surveillance techniques. A private investigator can follow a person of interest or stake out a particular location while never revealing himself or herself to the outside world. All investigators are equipped with either live video or still photos and will produce the hard evidence you need.


Video Surveillance

One of the most common surveillance tools. We can place high-definition hidden cameras in key locations in order to reveal what’s going on in your location of interest. Capital Investigations has conducted countless video surveillance operations over the years, each with success. We have hidden our cameras in foliage, behind 2-way mirrors, among home decor, and the list goes on. There is no job too difficult or person too elusive.


Live GPS Surveillance

In recent years GPS has become an invaluable tool to investigators. We will provide a small GPS unit to be placed on the suspects vehicle. Our GPS units fit neatly into the wheel well of a vehicle, are motion-activated, and provide a live, real-time transmission of a vehicle’s location.


Our Private Investigators

Capital Investigations works with some of New Jersey’s most talented and experienced private investigators. Our PI’s come from varied professional backgrounds, including former police officers/detectives, federal agents, Army and Naval officers, and corporate investigators. With such a variety of investigators on-call, we are able to consider the specifics of your case and assign the PI best equipped to meet your needs.


Professional Conduct

Above all else, we at Capital Investigations pride ourselves on professional conduct. Discretion – any information shared with or obtained by our PI’s remains between the client and the assigned investigator. Legality – of utmost importance, particularly in cases involving potential legal action, is ensuring that any information obtained by our PI’s is done so legally. We regularly work with attorneys in order to guarantee that your investigation is conducted beyond scrutiny.


Customized Investigations

Every case is unique. As such, all of our investigations are tailor made to suit your needs as well as budget constraints. During the initial consultation we will work together to clearly establish the parameters of your case. Once a price is quoted it is firmly set…no need to worry about additional costs or hidden fees.