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Non-Compete Investigations

Non-Compete Investigations

Non-compete violations have many facets, and can include:


  • Divulging trade secrets
  • Sharing business information that has been classified as confidential
  • Sharing lead lists with others
  • Giving out details of training programs
  • Exploiting customer relationships


Non-Compete Investigations 

When you notice that a current or former employee is violating their signed non-compete agreement, it means that the employee is violating your business and compromising the trust you put in him/her. You may initially think that the first course of action is to call your lawyer or the police. However, this is not the best move. If you try to stop the offender from sharing any more of your company’s private information, he/she will be made aware that you know your business’s information is compromised. This could prompt the offender just to stop sharing confidential details about your business, or to continue sharing the information in a more discreet manner. As a result, it could become even harder to gather the necessary evidence to present a case against him/her.

Before you put an action plan together, contact Capital Investigators to get the job done professionally. We have a proven track record when it comes to gathering and developing evidence for non-compete violation cases. We will use accurate methods for thorough investigations so that we can reduce your risk and help you get the results you need.

When you are too involved in an issue that could threaten the future of your business, the results could be detrimental. Since you are invested in your business and would likely do all you can to protect your company, you’re likely to make rash decisions that could affect your professional future. Simply take the information you’ve gathered regarding the case and present it to us. Not only can we build a viable case for you, but we can also identify other individuals who may be involved in the case, along with witnesses who can provide more information.

At Capital Investigators, we use a combination of background information, surveillance, phone and computer forensics, data mining and interviews to help you win your case. We produce a complete investigation to enforce your non-compete agreement, and we can use the same techniques to investigate violations of trade agreements.