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Technology Advancements Reduces The Cost of Surveillance Services


Saving Time and Money in Surveillance Investigations

Surveillance Investigations

Clients in NJ can obtain 24 hour 7 days week surveillance investigation at a fraction of the cost of traditional surveillance.

Technology often is private investigations best friend, in the past to conduct a surveillance investigation investigators had to rely on clunky cameras and have a physical presence to document a certain behavior or activity. Obtaining good evidence for a case was often dependent on committing numerous hours while also hoping for a little bit of luck. Traditionally surveillance investigations involving family law, breach of contract or insurance cases meant significant invoices and inconsistent results. We are always excited when we identify a new surveillance technology that is provides superior evidence, more cost efficient and can be utilized in numerous of types of surveillance investigations.

Time lapse cameras have changed the way a number of surveillance investigations are performed, cameras are usually placed in covert location on public property or at a location where the owner has given consent. The camera is programed to take a picture approximately every 5 to 10 seconds; one day’s results can yield four to five thousand pictures. Depending on the cameras settings the cameras storage card will be required to be swapped out every five to seven days.  Our office then takes the raw surveillance footage and documents the evidence pertinent to their case. All surveillance evidence obtained by our cameras has been deemed admissible by the courts.  At the conclusion of the surveillance investigation we provide a bound report containing time and date stamped pictures and details of the evidence. The investigation report can be anywhere from two to three hundred pages depending on the length of the investigation.



To date we have been successful in using the time lapse  camera in the following investigations:
Family Law: Cohabitation, Custody, Alimony Modification
Collections: Judgment Recovery, Employment Verifications
Litigation: Breach of Contract, Violation of Non-Compete

Aside from providing superior coverage and powerful evidence the cost of deploying a time lapse camera is a fraction of what a traditional surveillance investigation would cost. If you have questions on the applications of the use of a static camera in surveillance investigation please contact us at (862) 437-1064, visit us on the web or admin@capinvestigations.net .

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