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How To Collect A Judgment In NJ


How To Collect A Judgment In NJ


How to collect a judgment in NJ- 80 % of judgments remain unsatisfied in the United States? The reason a judgment remains unsatisfied is not related to the nature of the judgment (breach of contract, unpaid child support, default of payment etc…) the reason is usually rooted in:

  • Creditors are not equipped to obtain the information required to serve a successful writ of execution (bank accounts, place of employment).
  • Creditors get discouraged after certain period of time and feel they are committing good money after bad in pursuit of enforcing the judgment.
  • It is not difficult for debtors to find another individual to open an account for them to divert funds.

We are not implying that all judgments have the ability to be satisfied; more often than not you will not be able to get blood from a stone.  Debtors might not currently have the assets; there is a good possibility that the debtor will never have the assets to pay off the debt.  The common denominator of all judgments that have been satisfied is the ability to acquire the most up to date information concerning the debtor’s bank accounts, current assets or employer.  Most creditors have financial or employment information that is out of date, inaccurate or in some instances just here say.

How can a creditor get the edge the most recent financial or employment information on a debtor without spending a lot of money?


Asset Searches

Capital Investigations asset searches can locate bank and brokerage accounts of debtors using FCRA and GLB compliant searches to find. If there is an open account in their name Capital Investigations has the ability to find it, our searches are performed on a state or nationwide basis. We also have the ability to locate a brokerage accounts, keep in mind that retirement accounts cannot be levied. We have identified hundreds of thousands of dollars for our clients and  collect the money that is owed to them.

Employment Searches

If a debtor is employed in New Jersey, Capital Investigations can identify their employer giving our clients the ability to garnish their wages. Most investigations firms when retained to identify an employer rely on outdated databases or old credit reports.   Our employment searches incorporate our vast network of private investigators throughout the state to conduct traditional surveillance or if needed follow an individual to their employer.

Lifestyle Investigation

A debtor may sometimes close his bank accounts and transfer their assets into another individuals name or accounts. On paper a debtor may have no assets but you know that they drive a luxury car, live in an expensive home or be a member of exclusive county club. Capital Investigations can perform a surveillance investigation to document the quality and lifestyle a debtor living. We can also identify the owners of the asset and identify any possible fraudulent transfers.

One irrefutable fact is that if you are not proactive in enforcing a judgment and  wait for judgment debtor to pay you, you will almost certainly in the 80% don’t get paid.  If you own or know of anybody that has an unsatisfied judgment let us know if you have any questions or if we can assist you in any way.  You can contact us at (862) 437- 1064, visit us onw the web or admin@capinvestigations.net.

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