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Family Law Investigations

Family Law Investigations

Asset Searches: Capital Investigations can perform Asset Searches on individual or businesses to determine if an ex-spouse is being truthful in disclosing their financial status. Asset searches can include:

Property Search & Transfers
Bank & Brokerage Searches*
Business and Corporate Affiliations
Employment Location
Employment Verification
Autos & Watercraft

*Permissible use required


Cohabitation & Alimony Modification Investigations

We provide our clients the cutting edge technology and traditional surveillance to obtain the evidence they need to prove cohabitation. Capital Investigations can deploy state off the art cameras at a fixed location to document the activity at a residence, our clients get 24/7 coverage for a fraction of the cost of traditional surveillance. Click for more information.


Background Investigations:

Capital Investigations can perform criminal and background investigations on individuals on a state or nationwide basis. We assist our clients in obtaining the most up to date information pertaining to an individual’s criminal or at risk behavior. In many cases Identifying patterns of behavior enables clients to make informed decisions about their potential course of action.


Custody Investigation:

Clients often have concerns about an individual their ex-spouse is spending time with or who is looking after the children when they are not around. It can be difficult at times to obtain truthful information due to the fact the children feel they might be betraying a parent if they share what is actually taking place. Identifying violations of a custody agreement is crucial to protect the child and the client’s interests. Capital investigations can perform surveillance investigations to inform our clients of potential or direct violations of their custody agreement and let them know who is with them when they are not with their child.


Employment Verification:

“I know they are working are working but I just don’t know where and how much they are making” or “My ex-spouse is self-employed and in the trades (plumber, electrician, contractor etc.) they claim they aren’t working but they must be getting money to live somewhere.” These are comments we hear frequently from clients regarding how an ex-spouse is avoiding to pay alimony or child support. Capital Investigations has numerous years of experience in investigating where an individual is employed. We use a variety sources including proprietary database and surveillance to locate where an individual is employed and potentially how much they are earning.

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