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Debt Collection

Debt Collections That Work For You

Most debt collection firms are the same. Such firms take on a massive amount of portfolios so they can turn a profit even if they only collect on a small percentage. They use cheap, simple, and largely ineffective debt collection methods. Their clients don’t expect much and are happy to recoup even a small portion of the debt owed


Capital Investigations has three differentiators’ when collecting debt:

  • Private Investigators
  • Low legal rates
  • In-person visits

We use comprehensive proprietary databases to locate the location and unknown phone numbers of debtors. We have a network of experienced collection attorneys who work with reduced rates and Capital investigators can perform an on-site visit at the debtor’s residence to  explain payment options.

A customized approach tailored to meet your needs

Our customized approach allows us to get results for you while maintaining the reputation of your brand. We unite the right methods with the right people to ensure that both large and small debts are recovered—even if you’ve tried to get the back debts several times unsuccessfully.

When an account is resolved in a satisfactory manner, and the debtor pays off the debt, the details are forwarded to our trace and legal teams. Our teams are skilled when it comes to locating debtors who have moved to a new address, and will communicate with these individuals to inform them that debt is still owed. Capital Investigators will also identify the accounts that will be best resolved with legal action. Once our team determines the appropriate measures for debt recovery, we will take responsibility for ensuring that the account is closed and settled in a satisfactory manner.

Capital Investigation is different. We are the debt collection firm that creditors look to when they are serious about collecting. That is because we are one of the only debt collection firms that has a team of New Jersey licensed and bonded private investigators and other skilled debt collectors who go above and beyond to get you paid.

Our debt collection professionals know what works – and know how to get results while still operating squarely within the strictures of the federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and the New Jersey Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

Capital Investigations provides unique full-service options when it comes to debt collection. We have a team of licensed investigators that work to ensure the debt you are owed is paid. We can also perform comprehensive collection services for every debt that is owed.

An effective debt collection process for New Jersey creditors

The Capital Investigations team doesn’t follow the typical, and rarely effective, debt collection formula of harassing phone calls and letters. Instead, we follow a proven, multi-step process that gets results:

  • Investigate: Our licensed private investigators use a variety of methods to locate debtors and identify their assets. We have the skills and tenacity to keep step with debtors who are often transient and do not want to be found.
  • Contact: By thoroughly investigating debtors – which includes identifying new current addresses and phone numbers rather than relying on outdated information – our New Jersey debt collection professionals are able to make effective contact with debtors, including in-person home visits if necessary. In-person contact is among the most effective means of debt collection available under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. Yet, most agencies fail to employ it simply because it is too much work. Capital Investigations does it because it works.
  • Collect: By obtaining reliable contact information for your debtors, and initiating and maintaining contact with debtors, our debt collection professionals are able to get results. We negotiate within the parameters our clients provide, advise our clients as to the debtor’s ability to pay, and turn bad debt into revenue for your business.

Contact Capital Investigations if you are serious about collecting

Capital Investigations is not your typical New Jersey debt collection firm. We employ high-quality personnel, including licensed and bonded New Jersey private detectives, to get consistent results for our clients. Where other debt collection firms rely on ineffective phone calls and letters and hope to collect a small percentage of your debt a small percentage of the time, Capital Investigations goes the extra mile. We thoroughly investigate debtors and then use the information uncovered to get our clients paid. Contact us today at 862-437-1064. We are located in Cedar Knolls, NJ and serve the entire state.