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Collections Investigations

Collections Investigations

Collecting a debt can be a difficult task, debt and judgment creditors often ask is there something that can be done besides for phone calls or writing letters that don’t produce results. Capital Investigations Collections and Recovery Investigations has a group of services to assist creditors in collecting the money that is owed to them.


Collections Phase

Skip Trace: We can obtain the location and most recent contact information of any debtor throughout the United States to pursue the debtor.

On Site Collections Visits: Capital Investigations Investigators can make FCRA compliant visits to a business (not place of employment) or the debtor’s residence to inquire about the status of the repayment.

Credit Reports: Capital Investigations is authorized to obtain credit reports on debtors to evaluate ptetial litigation


 Judgment Recovery Phase

Employment Search:  Our Employment Search utilizes proprietary databases and local sources to locate the current employer of a debtor to garnish (where applicable) the debtors wages.

Enhanced Employment Search:  Capital Investigations investigators can locate the debtors current residence and follow the debtor to their place of employment.

Bank Account Search: Capital Investigations can locate any open bank accounts in the debtors name to perform a bank levy.

Asset Search: Our financial investigators can locate any asset such as property, vehicles, boats or aircraft that can be identified for seizure.

Debtor Surveillance: At times a debtor may claim not to have the resources to pay a debt but lead a lifestyle to the contrary. Capital Investigations can provide surveillance on a debtor providing information regarding autos, residences, country club memberships etc.. that can be used for asset seizure or court proceedings.

Skip Trace