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The Truth About Online Background Checks In New Jersey


The Truth About Online Background Checks In New Jersey

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We are always puzzled when we speak to an individual located in New Jersey who purchased online background checks. Almost every report has have found that the subject to have no criminal past and a spotless driving record. Our frustration is not directed at the consumer, it is directed at the online companies that claim that they have access to information the consumer does not.  Every online background reports use a combination of public records that are inconsistent to say the least. Consumers are relying on information contained in the report to pursue a certain relationship, employ an individual or verify if an individual has been truthful or is hiding information. The decision made from incomplete information could potentially impact the consumer’s future wellbeing, safety or finances. The potential impact becomes more crucial when children are involved. Here are just a few (to many to list) claims made by online background check providers that are not accurate.

1)      National Background Check- There is no such thing as a national background check! Every state and every county courthouse has different criteria on what infractions are reported and what would be public record. To perform a complete national background check the provider would have to be wired into every county court house in the United States. No background check provider currently has that capability.

2)      Reporting Arrests. For example if an individual has been arrested for domestic violence a number of times and has never been convicted, it will never be reported.

3)      Driving Records- You will not receive any diving records or abstracts. 90% of states driving records or abstracts are not available through public access.

If online background checks in New Jersey are so woefully inept why do so many people purchase them?


It reminds me of the joke “if it is on the internet it must be true”, unfortunately there are consumers who just don’t know the facts regarding online background checks.  When consumers wants peace of mind and verify a person is the person they are claiming to be, consumers will use the first and most affordable product to calm their fears. Regrettably the online background check providers are going to report that information almost every time. If you know someone in New Jersey that would like to know more how to conduct a thorough New Jersey background check, please call us at (862) 437-1064.

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