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Background Checks

Hiring a Babysitter or Nanny?

Make sure the person you leave your children with has no criminal history or criminal associates and is exactly who he or she says.

Worried about a loved one?

Perhaps you suspect your loved one isn’t telling the whole truth or is in more trouble than he/she admits. A background check can reveal information you need to know before it’s too late.

Going on a Date?

Have you recently met somebody special or have you been set up on a blind date? Make sure your date has no criminal history and is exactly who he or she says.

Capital Investigations – Background Checks NJ

Conducts regular background checks using a variety of databases and records. Our extensive check reveals the entire public record on any individual and includes, but is not limited to:

  1. Date of Birth and Location
  2. Complete Residence History
  3. Persons associated with past or current residences
  4. Identity Aliases used
  5. History of Bankruptcy
  6. Litigation History
  7. Entire Criminal History including arrests made, charges filed, and convictions secured. Even if a charge was never filed or conviction never made, we will find out.

CI’s Background Checks vs Online Background Checks

More and more companies are offering online, do-it-yourself background checks. Unfortunately, those services only scratch the surface, revealing little more than a Google Search. Whereas an online company will only check 1 or 2 public databases, we check all available & relevant sources including police and municipal records (not accessible via most online checks). Unlike online sources, our results are guaranteed to be accurate.

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Additional Investigative Services:

In addition to our Extensive Background Checks, Capital Investigations offers a variety of investigative tools adapted for both domestic and business use. We offer Asset Investigations, Skip Traces, Surveillance, and more. For more information, visit our Domestic Investigative Tools or Investigative Tools for Businesses pages.