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Asset Searches

We conduct bank account and investment searches for clients throughout the entire United States.

Debt Collection

We provide a full range of options & comprehensive collection services for every debt that is owed.

Background Check

One of the premier judgment recovery firms in the state. We provide everything needed for quick recovery.

About Us

Capital Investigations – Private Investigators in New Jersey have been providing clients with extensive investigative services for over a decade. Located in Northern New Jersey we currently serve clients throughout the United States and internationally as well.

Combining various investigative tools, including audio and visual surveillance, background checks, and asset investigations, we provide attorneys, banks, corporations and individuals with a customized and confidential approach to meeting their investigative needs.

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Proving Cohabitation in a Family Law Cas

Most individuals who are divorced, and would like to file a cohabitation motion in a family law case know, proving cohabitation can be a difficult. […]

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Identifying Spyware On Mobile Devices an

Lately clients have approached us concerned or certain that an ex-spouse or boyfriend has enacted spywear on their phones, mobile devises or deployed listening devices […]

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Investigating Your Investigator

Finding yourself in the dark when it comes to private investigators? Like any industry, there are big differences between companies and knowing which one to […]

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Do You Know Where Your Marital Assets ar

When an individual contemplates divorce, usually after considering the emotional impact on the children and themselves, they most often think next about how their lifestyle […]

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Top 5 Ways Attorneys Use Private Investi

There are only twenty-four hours in a day, yet we’ve noticed that many attorneys have an uncanny ability to add five more when the need […]

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Three ways to recovery back child suppor

Capital Investigations has conducted many child support payment and alimony investigations over the past number of years and variably all of the cases start with […]

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Background Checks 2

The Truth About Online Background Checks

We are always puzzled when we speak to an individual located in New Jersey who purchased online background checks. Almost every report has have found […]

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bank account search

Need to perform a bank account search or

People who need a bank account search or asset search of an individual or business usually is the result of a broken promise, breach of […]

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elder abuse

How Can I Verify and Document Elder Abus

With more than 12 percent of the population over the age of 65, the elderly are prime targets for elder abuse.  If you have a […]

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How To Collect A Judgment In NJ

How to collect a judgment in NJ- 80 % of judgments remain unsatisfied in the United States? The reason a judgment remains unsatisfied is not […]

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Capital Investigations was able to provide a comprehensive list of assets in a timely manner, making my job as executor all the more easier.

Richard Alfaro

Our firm has been working on and off with Capital Investigations for a couple years now. They handle all of our asset searches and private research. They are a very reliable company and Tim is a great guy. He’s always on top of things and any info we need is usually given to us within a week. Keep up the good work!