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Domestic & Corporate Private Investigators NJ

Serving New Jersey since 2007

Capital Investigations – Private Investigators NJ – has been providing New Jersey clients with extensive investigative services for nearly a decade. Located in Morris Plains, NJ, we currently serve clients throughout Northern and Central New Jersey.

Combining various investigative tools, including audio and visual surveillance, background checks, and asset investigations, we provide our clients with a customized and confidential approach to meeting their needs.

Investigative Tools

Our Investigative Tools are adapted for both domestic and business use. Whether you are an employer looking to conduct employee background checks & corporate surveillance or an individual with suspicions regarding a spouse or an ex, we can uncover the truth. Investigative Tools include:

Surveillance – Our Private Investigators conduct intensive surveillance operations, making use of techniques including in-person surveillance, video surveillance, live GPS tracking, and more.

Background Checks – We conduct extensive Background Checks revealing Histories of Residences, Associations, Aliases, Complete Criminal Histories, and much more.

Asset Investigations & Bank Searches – Reveal the financial status of any individual or business and uncover hidden funds & accounts.

Skip Tracing – We can locate nearly anyone. Our Skip Traces reveal last known addresses, telephone numbers, employers, relatives, associates, and more.

Private Investigators NJ

Capital Investigations works with some of New Jersey’s most talented and experienced private investigators.  Our PI’s come from varied professional backgrounds, including former police officers & detectives, federal agents, Army & Naval officers, and corporate investigators.  With such a variety of investigators on-call, we are able to consider the specifics of your case and assign the PI best equipped to meet your needs.  Above all else, we at Capital Investigations pride ourselves on professional conduct.  Discretion – any information shared with or obtained by our PI’s remains between the client and the assigned investigator.  Legality – of utmost importance, particularly in cases involving potential legal action, is ensuring that any information obtained by our PI’s is done so legally.  We regularly work with attorneys in order to guarantee that your investigation is conducted beyond scrutiny.

Customized Investigations

Every case is unique.  As such, all of our investigations are tailor made to suit your needs as well as budget constraints.  During the initial consultation we will work together to clearly establish the parameters of your case.  Once a price is quoted it is firmly set…no need to worry about additional costs or hidden fees.

New Jersey Private Investigators. Serving NJ since 2007.